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David Silverthorn


The Studio on Chesapeake Dr, Greensboro, NC



David Silverthorn

Photographer and Actor

                                   WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE


I have been in "The Business" for many years.  I'm a proud,

34 year member of SAG/AFTRA.  I have known and worked with many Casting Directors and Talent Agents over the years. I've appeared on TV & stage in many productions since 1969, and I've been a professional photographer specializing in actors' headshots since 1979.  In that time I've learned many things which will help you as you navigate this profession.


Your headshot, along with your résumé, is your calling card. It is the first impression you make with agents, casting directors and directors.  The adage "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression" is real. Especially in this business! Your headshot must be current and look like you. It must be dynamic and present you as a professional. An amateur, poorly lit, grainy or out-of-date headshot will hinder your efforts.


Many folks -- even seasoned professionals -- feel apprehensive about sitting in front of a camera for a headshot session. All, but a lucky few, feel somewhat insecure and un-natural during a session. But, after all these years in this business, I have a unique way of getting great shots from my clients. I know what makes an effective headshot and I know how to direct with you to get those perfect images. 


If you are a beginning actor, you are in great hands.  I will guide you as you prepare for your headshots. Your session with me will be a fun, enjoyable, no-pressure experience and you'll learn many things you'll use throughout your career.  We'll take our time and we won't rush. It will be all about YOU.

If you are one of those seasoned professionals ,well, let's get together and make the energy happen!


So, READ MY FAQs PAGE, talk to your agent, talk to friends in the industry and decide on what you want from our shoot.

A few days after your session, we'll get together and review your images. You'll get a file of all your acceptable shots and you'll have time to decide on your final choices. That's where your job gets hard!  There will be many images and it will be difficult to decide. My clients tell me over and over, “There are too many great shots to choose from!”

I prefer to meet with prospective clients before scheduling a session. This “look-see” provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to get to know one another. It gives folks a chance to "test the water," so to speak and get familiar with the studio and how I work. 

I invite you to tour my website. Please call if you have any questions.

          Thanks for your interest.


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